How do I change a Kersten Sweeper Brush?

How to replace the brush in a Kersten EFKM sweeper

Kersten Sweeper Change Brush



1) Identify right hand side of the sweeper as taken from the operating position

2) Using a socket spanner, remove Brush Centre Bolt (A) including Spring Washer (B) (This bolt is the whole length of the sweeper)

3) Remove Pulley for Gulley brush (C) (if fitted)

4) Remove Bearing Securing Nuts (D)

5) Remove the Bearing with brush support hubs and flanges.

6) Withdraw Drive Tube (F—fig3) using grips from centre of brush.

7) The two brush sections may now be removed from the front of the unit. Remove brush  section furthest from the motor first. The remaining brush section may be slid sideways from the motor drive and removed in the same way as the first.

8) Reverse steps to replace. Ensure brushes are inserted with internal recesses towards motor.

9) When sliding Drive Tube F back in, ensure it connects to the square on the drive motor.


How to change a sweeping brush


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