Weed removal, path edging  and moss remova

Chemical free moss and weed removalEasy, chemical free maintenance from Kersten for this perennial problem.

Environmentally friendly and chemical free

Mechanical weed removal offers an environmentally friendly method of weed, moss and algae removal from footpaths, pavments and other hard surfaces. Kersten's special brushes not only remove the offending weeds and moss, but also remove the cause; organic detritus that harbours the moisture that allows the growth. Moisture that can lead to spalling on hard but poorly maintained surfaces.
Chemical use is highly controversial and topical and any way of reducing it is welcome.

Kersten's various brushes can be used with a variety of units, either self-propelled pedestrian or tractor mounted. They can be used on a variety of hard surfaces such as concrete, tarmac and block paving. Even deep set cobbled surfaces pose no problem for the Kersten system.
Remember that to keep moss at bay repeated regular sweeping is essential. No chemicals required.

One customer said, "...we have looked at various options to mechanically clean footpaths and block paving. ...last year we trialled this machine ... on various types of footpaths and roads which hadn't been swept for over 10yrs. The machine removed the moss, debris, etc., and swept them up leaving a clean path. We have been unable to source a similar machine that meets all the manual handling requirements with the same results and need to purchase the machine ready for the summer."

We also offer the Hoaf range of pedestrian weed burners as an alternative or addition to our sweepers and weedbrushes.
These use Hoaf's infared and burning system to kill weeds.

Read the 'Horticulture Week' article by Dr Neil Hipps on Herbicide-free weed control
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