Grass cutting with Kersten cutting machines and mowers

Grass cutting with Kersten cutting machines and mowers

From the first cut in Spring to the final cut in Autumn, regular tasks to major projects, Kersten give you choice. Keep your lawns and grass areas in top condition with Kersten's mowers and grass cutters such as their pedestrian mowers, CylinderCutter, RoughCutter, VertiCutter, SafetyCutter and PortalCutter and Kersten's tractor mounted whole crop mowers.

Grass cutting
From regular mowing task to major landscaping project, Kersten give you the choice.

Question: Is there a right and a wrong time for lawnmowing?

Answer: Yes. Lawnmowing should not be done when the grass is wet (under which conditions disease can be introduced, plus you incur the risk of slipping and getting injured). Also, lawnmowing in the evening puts less stress on the lawn than lawnmowing when the sun is pounding down in the afternoon.

The correct lawn mower will greatly help you build up a healthy and good looking grass area.. The key to success is to keep the grass long enough to prevent the roots from being being starved but, at the same time, keep the grass short enough to be an attractive feature. The healthiest lawns have grass which remains at a constant height throughout the growing season.
You may be wanting to cut areas that have become very overgrown and we have the flail mowers to do the job.
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